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Our Brandz

Let’s talk about Double J Brandz, but first, we must acknowledge the driving force behind them: Jasan Julius, our esteemed CEO and founder. His journey began with a tragic event—the loss of his son, Connor, to cancer in the spring of 2005. In the wake of this devastating experience, Coffee Junkiez emerged in the late fall of that same year. While many believe that creations stem from inspiration, Jasan’s motivation came from necessity. He recognized that engaging his mind in something new was crucial to prevent succumbing to grief. The inspiration followed suit when thoughts of brands, logos, and colors started to form. Given that Jasan’s sons are named Cole and Connor, the name “Coffee Junkiez” felt fitting, and his personal favorite color, blue, coincided with his son Cole’s favorite as well. However, Connor’s favorite color was always red, and thus, red became an integral part of everything we do. Red symbolizes passion, blood, and serves as a constant reminder of Jasan’s beloved son in heaven.

Jasan departed from a 13-year career at Chrysler after initiating Coffee Junkiez, driven by a desire to build something that would outlast him and leave a mark on the world. In 2014, he ventured into the pizza industry with Pizza Junkiez, leveraging the lessons learned from developing Coffee Junkiez to establish a new business and brand. In 2016, he united both brands under one roof, discovering that they complemented each other flawlessly—truly a match made in business heaven. Taking his concept to the south side of Indianapolis in 2018, he aimed to test its replicability. The new location swiftly gained popularity within the community.

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In 2020, Jasan took a significant stride towards national expansion by founding Double J Franchising, propelled by the advantage of our unique concept, which includes a convenient drive-thru window and in-house delivery. This not only proved our resistance to pandemics but also showcased the capabilities of our core systems to withstand challenging market conditions. Expressing the creative side of his brain has always been a passion for Jasan. His creativity, combined with a love for marketing, propelled our social media presence to an impressive following of over 30,000 for Coffee Junkiez/Pizza Junkiez in Kokomo, Indiana. Recognizing the alignment between our present and future needs, we seized the opportunity to acquire Scared Rabbit in the summer of 2021. Scared Rabbit specializes in web and graphic design. Our local and national advertising campaigns are head-quartered here.

In January 2022, as Jasan embarked on his podcast, Julius Filez, dedicated to imparting lessons and information about small businesses to current and future entrepreneurs, tragedy struck again. His friend and fellow entrepreneur, Matt Brake, unexpectedly passed away. Matt was the owner of Vickers Graphics in Kokomo, Indiana, where Jasan had been sourcing his apparel for over a decade. After careful consideration and extensive discussions with his core team and Matt’s family, Jasan stepped in as the owner and CEO of Vickers Graphics. In order to highlight the company’s specialization in screen printing and embroidery, he rebranded it as Vickers Graphics & Custom Apparel.

After spending a year immersed in Vickers Graphics and acquiring knowledge about the apparel industry, Jasan’s creativity couldn’t resist the urge to launch his own apparel line. In 2023, AF Apparel was born—an exceptional collection of garments featuring carefully selected words to help individuals express themselves uniquely.

What We Are

Double J Brandz encompasses multiple industries to drive innovation, promote creativity, support entrepreneurship, and foster integrated business models that serve communities and bolster small businesses. What started as a single brand has now evolved to become a legacy in the making.

Customer-Centric Approach

At the heart of our values lies an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional, friendly, and respectful service to every customer. Our goal is not merely to acquire customers or clients, but to cultivate a community of raving fanz.

Honesty & Integrity

In addition to our customer-centric approach, we hold honesty and integrity as fundamental pillars of our business. If we ever make a mistake, we believe in transparent communication, promptly addressing the issue, and going above and beyond to rectify it. Our commitment to these values ensures that we maintain the trust and loyalty of our customers.


Pride is deeply ingrained in our core values, and it permeates everything we undertake. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, taking immense pride in every aspect of our work. This unwavering commitment to excellence fuels our drive to consistently deliver exceptional products and services.

People & Teamwork

Our brandz owe their success to the extraordinary individuals who comprise our exceptional teams. We recognize and appreciate the invaluable contributions of each team member. If you’re interested in engaging with any of our brandz, we invite you to click below to connect with us and experience the synergy of our talented teams firsthand!


Leadership team

While our operations under the Double J Brandz umbrella require the collective effort of nearly 100 individuals, the core leadership team stands out with their exceptional abilities and unique qualities. Comprising of five outstanding individuals, this team spearheads our vision and guides us towards success.

Jasan Julius

CEO, Founder, & Owner

Steffannee Werner

Managing Partner – Vickers Graphics & Custom Apparel

Trish Miller

Managing Partner – Scared Rabbit

Matt Bradshaw

Chief Of Staff & CTO

Double J Brandz

One man's vision and a team's effort to deliver high-quality products with exceptional service!

Serving YOU Is Our PURPOSE.