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Double J Brandz encompasses multiple industries to drive innovation, promote creativity, support entrepreneurship, and foster integrated business models that serve communities and bolster small businesses. What started as a single brand has now evolved to become a legacy in the making.

AF Apparel

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Coffee Junkiez

Coffee Junkiez, founded in 2005, serves non-alcoholic caffeinated beverages through drive-thru operations. We aim to provide great food, beverages, and service while supporting local communities and creating jobs. They prioritize quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


Pizza Junkiez

Pizza Junkiez was created in 2014 as an extension of Coffee Junkiez. With over 50 toppings, 5 crust styles, and 10 sauces, they offer innovative and flavorful custom pizzas. Their dual-brand concept combines coffee and pizza under one roof. The most craved pizzas are The Ricky Bobby, Pepperoni Mania, and the Dorito Taco!


Double J Franchising

The Junkiez Franchise represents multi-faceted industry excellence. From our flavors and culture to our marketing and creativity, nothing tastes better than a well-established franchising opportunity. We understand our target audience and consistently deliver the experience they crave.


Scared Rabbit

Scared Rabbit is a digital marketing agency specializing in website development, graphic design, SEO, and brand development services for businesses seeking to enhance their online presence and marketing strategies.


The Julius Filez

The Julius Filez podcast chronicles Jasan Julius’ career pivot and challenges, featuring unique insights on team-building, small business ownership, and tailored management. Hailed as “hard-hitting but relatable,” Jasan’s candid approach and perspective promotes success in entrepreneurship through discipline, inspiration, innovation, collaboration, and most importantly principled accountability.


Vickers Graphics

At Vickers we make sure they see you coming and going! Our customizable screen printing and embroidery services have helped entrepreneurs create logoed apparel for businesses, organizations, and teams since 1980. We specialize in tailored garment decoration for 25 to 7500 pieces.


Double J Brandz

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