About Trish

Trish Miller

Managing Partner – Scared Rabbit

Introducing Trish, an experienced professional with a passion for creativity and customer service. Joining Double J Brandz in 2021, she managed their social media while exploring the dynamic world of Scared Rabbit. With 20+ years of customer service expertise, Trish excelled in understanding customer needs and leading teams. Now, as Managing Partner at Scared Rabbit, she brings strategic thinking, creative flair, and unwavering commitment. With her deep industry understanding and leadership skills, Trish drives innovation and client satisfaction. Her remarkable journey reflects relentless professional growth, dedication to excellence, and the ability to inspire her team in digital product creation.

Favorite Pizza: The Quesadilla (Chicken) add: Onions & Black Olives
Favorite Coffee: SF Raspberry Delight Mocha
Favorite Quote: “He that lies down with the dogs shall rise up with fleas” – Benjamin Franklin

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